Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Personal Statement

Applications are normal from September till December, with interviews scheduled between November and January. Candidates need to practice thru the digital residency utility carrier eras.  Complete programs will include:

  • Scientific college transcriptphysical medicine and rehabilitation residency personal statement
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 3 letters of recommendation similarly to the MSPE. Applicants with preceding residency experience have to include a letter from the residency application director.
  • Personal assertion
  • USMLE/complex transcript(s)
  • For questions concerning the pm&r residency program at the University of Rochester clinical center, please contact Cathy Flanagan, the residency program coordinator.
  • Ecfmg statement (if applicable)


Minimum qualifications for our application encompass:

  • A success of completion of step I of the USA clinical licensing examination or complex element (for osteopathic graduates), preferably on the first strive.
  • A medical diploma, such as M.D., D.O., or m.B.B.S.
  • Worldwide scientific graduates (IMGs) may additionally practice. Further to the requirements above, IMGs ought to have successfully finished USMLE step 2 and need to be ECFMG licensed through February 1st. If an applicant is not the US. Citizen, they need to possess a J-1 visa or permanent resident repute.
  • Commencement from scientific faculty no greater than five years previous to program annually.

Interviews arise among October and December and are scheduled on select Fridays and Saturdays in the course of these months. Programs for the residency application are reviewed and considered beginning in September. Qualified candidates are notified by means of an email inviting them to interview related to the program. Candidates attend most effective one session, which incorporates an intensive assessment of this system by means of the program director. There are interview periods, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. At the same time as we admire applicants’ enthusiasm to secure a residency spot quickly after the interview, and do not offer pre-fit positions.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Personal Statement

  • Go past your resume, GPA and check scores. The personal announcement is a possibility to provide an explanation for any strengths or weaknesses in your software — together with adjustments in principal, low GPA or loss of experience. Many students worry approximately how their GPA and test rankings will affect the admissions technique.
  • Be concise and observe guidelines. Don’t deliver them a motive to throw out your utility. Certainly one of the biggest crimson flags for an admissions workplace are college students who don’t adhere to word limitations. Ensure you read the guidelines cautiously.  
  • Do research and tailor every essay consequently. Many college students attempt to escape by having a well-known essay however admissions departments will word. Each college is one-of-a-kind, so each non-public declaration should be special.
  • Be yourself. They need to hear approximately giant locations or events on your lifestyles; approximately books you’ve got examine, human beings you have met or paintings you’ve finished that has formed the individual you have got grow to be. The Columbia graduate school for journalism encourages college students to write down about the circle of relatives, schooling, talents or passions.

Structure of the PS

  • Rehabilitation. Please provide an explanation for any time gaps to your training, define unique stories in training. Listing any awards, memberships, studies activities, outside hobbies, and pastimes.
  • Private declaration – extra records to encompass your motives for selecting the area of expertise of bodily medicinal drug and curriculum vitae – updated reproduction of your cv.
  • Current picture
  • Dean’s letter
  • Official scientific faculty transcript
  • 3 letters of advice – these letters are to be original and written in the remaining six months. If a pm&r rotation or non-obligatory has been completed, one of the pointers should be from the attending college member.

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation residency programs:

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