The Truth about International Medical Students Application

Want to know the truth about international medical students’ application? If you’re an international student looking to apply for medical school, then you may be wondering what IMGs don’t like and which countries they are coming from. See this post and find out.

International Medical Students Application

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13 Specialties That IMGS Don’t Like

  1. Plastic surgery
  2. PEDS/anesthesiology
  3. Internal medicine/neurology
  4. PEDS/PM&R
  5. Plastic surgery integrated
  7. Radiation oncology
  9. NDD
  10. DR/NM
  11. Nuclear medicine
  12. IM/Anesthesiology
  13. Internal med/DERM

Where Are IMGs Coming From?

  1. India
  2. Philippines
  3. Mexico
  4. Pakistan
  5. Dominican Republic

Tips for IMG Personal Statement Writing

Your residency application personal statement is one of the bases used in screening applicants to a medical school, which is why you have to put your best foot forward. From a sea of applicants, you need to stand out and shine in your application to prove that you are worth to be included in the program. First, the essay must explain the reasons you want to take up the course. Then, you have to explain reasons you are fit for the course. What are those things you can bring to the table and offer the program? Talk about what you did to get where you are. What are those activities that have helped you prepare for this move to apply in a medical program? State the reasons the program is relevant to your course and chosen path. Finally, proofread and edit your paper a couple of times to ensure it does not contain any grammar and spelling mistakes.

There you have some things you need to know about IMG that you may want to learn about for information.

You might also want to check which residency personal statement length is the best one. Visit the official site of the school where you plan of applying and see the complete list of documents you need to submit. Prepare for your application early and see to it you are creating a stellar personal statement that shines!

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