Residency Personal Statement Tips

How important is your residency personal statement?

When you apply for a residency you will no doubt be aware that you will be competing against many others for just a few valuable places. All of these other applicants will be equally as impressive as you when it comes to their experience and qualifications so you need to have an advantage to get yourself selected. This is your residency personal statement and it needs to be very impressive if you want to get yourself noticed by those making the decisions. A well written residency personal statement will make you shine out and make it obvious that you have all of the skills and qualities that they are looking for from a resident. This however takes a huge amount of time to achieve and not a small amount of skill. Out residency personal statement tips will help you to achieve an outstanding statement or a perfect CV for residency application.

Our tips for writing a personal statement for residency applications

Writing a residency personal statement is far from easy if you want it to really make you stand out for all of the right reasons. It needs to very carefully reflect exactly what the residency is looking for an that means carefully reviewing their expectations so that you know what to cover within your statement. If they value specific skills or qualities then you should ensure that you mention them within your residency statement. Our residency personal statement tips are:

  • Open your residency statement with a hook, make your opening lines impressive so that your reader will want to continue reading
  • Find a theme that you can use to hold your statement together and provide flow from start to end
  • Don’t make yourself seem lazy by using clichés
  • Don’t state the obvious or use more words than you need to; make every word count
  • Write using positive language throughout
  • Use words that are appropriate for your audience, don’t try to show off using excessively complicated words
  • Demonstrate skills and qualities with clear examples
  • Never use humor; not everyone will appreciate even if well written
  • Keep personal, this is about you and not anyone else
  • Never plagiarize
  • Stick to the truth, don’t embellish the truth or exaggerate

We will write your residency personal statement

If you just don’t have the time to be able to follow our residency personal statement tips all you need to do is ask us to write your statement. We employ highly qualified and very experienced writers who will be able to write your personal statement or letter of recommendation for residency application perfectly. We provide a full satisfaction guarantee as well as fully checking every statement to eliminate errors and prevent plagiarism.