Surgery Residency Personal Statement

What Is the Importance of Your Surgery Residency Personal Statement?

surgery residency personal statementApplying for a residency can be a nail-biting experience. You will be competing against many other applicants for just a very small number of places so you have to work very hard with your application if you want to improve your chances of being chosen. However, within your application, there is only the personal statement that you can use to tell the selection committee that you are the most deserving of a place. Your personal statement for surgery residency is the first and only time that you get to tell the committee anything about you other than grades and qualifications. It is your opportunity to sell yourself, do it well and you can pretty much guarantee your place. Even though the personal statement is really important and can be a deciding factor, you should not neglect a chance to demonstrate your academic excellence with your good grades. Your perfect grades with an amazing personal statement could be a great combination to get your place.


How Should Your Personal Statement for Surgery Be Written?

Your surgery residency personal statement or any other one, like personal statement for internal medicine residency, always need to be written to impress. It needs to be able to grab the attention of the reader and make them both remember you and see you as a good choice. This means utilizing some impressive writing skills.

You need to be able to:

  • Open with an attention-grabbing or an intriguing few sentences so that the reader is “hooked” in.
  • Use a theme to hold the whole of your statement together and help create flow
  • Use language that is appropriate for your audience, don’t try to look as if you have swallowed a thesaurus
  • Keep concise in your writing, don’t ever use more words than you need to
  • Don’t try to use humor, even if you can do it well not everyone will appreciate it
  • Remain honest about everything
  • Take a positive view on everything, don’t say what you don’t like
  • Avoid errors by careful proofreading

What Should You Write about in Your Surgery Residency Personal Statement

Your personal statement needs to be more than just perfectly written, it needs to tell the reader exactly what they are looking to hear. You have to meet their expectations not just tell them how clever and wonderful you are. The purpose of your personal statement is to communicate the following:

  • Your passion for surgery
  • How you became interested in surgery and how that has developed and evolved
  • How you have the skills to excel in their residency
  • What you bring to their residency
  • How you see their residency as a vital stepping stone for your future career

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