Img Residency Application Help

Do you need help with applying to IMG residency programs?

As an International Medical Graduate you will find it far more difficult to get yourself accepted onto a US residency program than the local applicants. You will have to go through the same processes as them and need to be able to provide all of your application documents through ERAS written in perfect English. Places are generally oversubscribed so it is generally recommended that you apply for interviews to at least 25 different residencies to ensure that you gain enough interviews. Having a professional service help with writing your application documents for national resident matching program or any other one can of course help you ensure that you get invited for the interviews that you require.

When can you find help with your IMG residency application

Searching online you will find so many different writing services that it is almost impossible to know which to choose. Many of these services however provide third rate services through cheap and inexperienced writers while other may offer good writing but will lack the experience and knowledge required to help you with an application for an IMG residency. We are a highly specialized writing service that can help you target an IMG friendly residency with perfectly tailored documents and complete your residency application personal statement.

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