Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement

family medicine residency personal statementHow Important Is Your Family Medicine Residency Personal Statement?

Your personal statement for family medicine residency application is your one and only chance to let the selections panel know exactly who you are and why they need you for their residency. The rest of your application is going to be a list of qualifications and grades that are going to be very similar to all of the other applicants so your statement is really your only opportunity to state your case for being accepted.  So a well-written family medicine residency personal statement or anesthesiology residency personal statement is vital if you want to stand any chance of winning the place that you want.

There are quite a lot of hints and guidelines to write an appropriate PS. If you start writing without a prior research on some tips, there is a huge chance you may fail. Besides, you may know more about how to write a letter of recommendation for residency application perfectly on our site.

What to Include in Your PS

Your PS needs to convince the reader that you are the perfect fit for their residency, this means of course that you first have to figure out exactly what they are looking for. This means that you need to carefully read all of the information that they provide to highlight each and every skill, qualification, and value that they see as important. You then need to ensure that your resume and your statement reflect all of these expectations.

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It needs to show:

  • That being part of this residency is vital for your continued career in family medicine;
  • That you have a long-standing interest in the field of family medicine and how that interest has developed;
  • Use clear examples to show that you have all of the required skills for their residency;
  • Answer how their specific residency program is the one that you need.

How Your Statement Should Be Written

Your statement needs to be perfectly written and free of errors as well as containing what the panel wish to see. This means that you have to learn how to write a statement that can really grab their attention. This requires you to:

  • Open with a hook, something interesting and intriguing that will get their interest and make them want to read on;
  • Find a theme on which to hang your statement and provide flow;
  • Keep your writing concise and don’t make obvious statements, every word needs to count;
  • Always take a positive angle on what you write about;
  • Do exaggerate or tell lies;
  • Carefully proofread everything that you have written.

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