Anesthesiology Residency Personal Statement

How good does your anesthesiology residency personal statement need to be?

anesthesiology residency personal statementWhen you apply to anesthesiology residency programs you will be asked to submit a personal statement as part of your application. This will almost certainly be the most important part of your application. You will be in competition with many other applicants and they will all have equally as good qualifications and grades as you do. The only part of your personal statement residency application that really allows you to make yourself stand out from the others is your personal statement. This needs to be written in a way that will really get the attention of the admissions committee and get them to see you as the best possible choice. Though it is important to make your personal statement sound neutral to a certain extent. You should describe yourself in the best possible way, but at the same it is crucial to stay honest. Anyway, you lie will be exposed, and you may lose your chance to get enrolled.

How to write the best anesthesiology residency personal statement

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anesthesiology residency programsOpen with a hook; an attention grabbing few lines that will get the reader’s attention

anesthesiology residency programsWill be free of any obvious statements that waste your word count

anesthesiology residency programsWill avoid clichés that lose the reader’s attention

anesthesiology residency programsWill be concise and highly focused on the program you are applying to

anesthesiology residency programsWill use appropriate language for your application

anesthesiology residency programsWill avoid humor

anesthesiology residency programsWill be free of any form of plagiarism

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