ERAS Application Package Sample

The personal statements are not only about expressing your objectives, best skills and spirit of learning more. The selectors also pay attention to the writing style of each personal statement. From business to dentistry personal statement examples, the applicants never get suggestions to avoid few mistakes. Here are some mistakes that need to be neglected while writing personal statement. Make sure that you never make any of these errors.

Personal Statement – Residency in Internal Medicine

Providence has smiled upon my career path to become a successful physician. First, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to complete my medical education at the Cairo University Medical School, the leading medical institution in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. Second, after completing my internship in Egypt, I worked as a Primary Care Physician in a rural area and found it immensely fulfilling. I then completed 18 months of Internal Medicine residency before it became necessary to migrate to America, leaving me with a mission to complete my residency program in internal medicine in my new home country.
Arriving in California, good fortune again showed its kindness when I obtained a position as a Research Coordinator in clinical trials, while completing my USMLE and honing my language skills to adapt to a western culture. Over the next 7 years, I was involved in more than 60 clinical trials that involved several medical conditions such as Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Allergic Rhinitis, Obesity, Post Herpetic Neuralgia, Diabetic peripheral neuropathy and Depression. The experience not only honed my clinical and research competencies, but also my people management abilities that have enabled me to win the trust and confidence of my patients, facilitating the execution of even the most difficult intervention plans, and making a difference in my patients’ lives.
It was during this period when I finally appreciated how internal medicine provides the fundamental medical competencies that bring together basic knowledge in various medical disciplines, such infectious disease control, Oncology, Rheumatology, Pulmonary, Cardiology, Nephrology, hematology, and endocrinology, among others that enable a general practitioner to treat non-surgical disorders and conditions across the widest possible patient population in any community. It is foundational to taking future focused training in any of its sub specialties that I hope to do to benefit my patients with the quality care they need. It certainly helps that I am currently undertaking an ACGME- accredited residency program where I am conducting preliminary surgery training with monthly rotations in Internal medicine, Surgery, GI, Ambulatory medicine and ICU, among others. Recently, I earned CME credit for a “Lifestyle Medicine Core Competency Program” under the aegis of the American College of Preventive Medicine. The program involved several modules including Fundamentals of Health Behavior Change, The Role of Physician in Healthy Lifestyles, Nutrition Science, Physical Activity Science, Emotional and Mental Well-Being Assessment, and Sleep Health Science to mention some. I was also chosen to be A Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ElectreCare, which was a new nationwide clinic for weight loss, neuromuscular stimulation, and consultation for proper nutrition and exercise. I view these career milestones as opportunities to further expand my perspective in managing clinical cases involving not just the treatment of diseases but also their prevention through an advocacy for a healthier lifestyle.
However, at this point in my career, I know I still have so much to learn and I look forward to a residency program where I can leverage my textbook knowledge and clinical competencies from my academic, professional and volunteer experiences to bear on a discipline that would bring my competencies to the next level. Thanks to my Hippocratic Oath, I consider a doctor’s highest purpose in life is to be of service to others, while enriching my medical career as lifelong learning commitment. This perspective would bring me new knowledge that would enhance my abilities to become a consummate physician who can treat the widest range of non-surgical diseases. No other specialty would allow me to make such a broad positive impact on patients across the widest ethnic and demographic diversity.
Furthermore, being an Internist provides not just the focused competencies that enable me to care for my patients, but also open ample opportunities to flex my innate interpersonal skills to build on a collaborativ patient-doctor relationship that gain patient cooperation in undertaking treatment regimens, reverse unhealthy lifestyles, and enable patients with terminal diseases to cope and sustain the level of quality living for the remaining years of their lives.
After completing this residency program, I hope to take greater responsibilities as a board- certified Internist in a high-volume hospital with a view to building my reputation for a successful private clinical practice. On the side, I plan to continue volunteering my services in outreach programs where I can address the medical needs of people in underserved communities. Moving further down the road, I plan to take a faculty role in a medical school or university-affiliated hospital where I can shape young mind to be doctors and, along the way, give back to society what Providence has endowed on me to build my medical career. I hope to see these plans realized sooner than later through this residency in Internal Medicine, which I am determined to pursue before the year ends.

Letter of Recommendation (1) – Residency in Internal Medicine

To: Program Director / Admissions Committee:
I am pleased to write this letter endorsing the application of Dr.  for
acceptance in your Internal Medicine residency program for this year. I have had the privilege
of mentoring and supervising Dr. during his 2-month rotation in the ICU and ER at the
_______________ [name of hospital or clinic] between ____________ [start date] and
______________[end date].
Of significant importance to me was Dr. his erudite command of medical
concepts and clinical competencies that enabled him to interact with assigned patients,
obtaining their medical histories, conducting physicals, vitals, and diagnostic assessments. He
would then submit comprehensive reports of his daily patient encounters with recommendations
on intervention plans that surprisingly matched those with attending doctors. His attention to
detail, open-mindedness and willingness to maximize his learning opportunities made mentoring
easy and a pleasure to work with him.
What impressed me most what his spontaneous interpersonal communication abilities
that have led him to win the trust and confidence of his patients, enabling him to obtain their
cooperation in complying with even the most difficult intervention plans. I noted the same
abilities enabled him to be a team player contributing in collaborative engagements involving
complex medical cases. I often see him huddled with my medical and nursing team discussing
patients and their health issues that I am sure further strengthened his competencies.
It is for the above qualities that I am fully supporting Dr.  in his bid to be part of
your residency program in Internal Medicine. I am confident that my endorsement would merit
your attention and open doors for him to bring his medical career to the next level. If you need
additional information, I would be more than glad to oblige through any of my contact points in
the header. I look forward to crossing my path with Dr. after completing your residency
program. Until then, I remain,
Sincerely Yours

Letter of Recommendation (2) – Residency in Internal Medicine

To: Program Director / Admissions Committee:
I take great pride in writing this letter to endorse the candidacy of Dr. for
acceptance in your residency program in Internal Medicine this year. I have had the privilege of
mentoring the good doctor as his professor in surgery elective, internal medicine, and ICU
during his last year in medical school.
As a busy professor over the years, I don’t usually remember my students except the
few who have impressed with outstanding academic performance and qualities that I consider
as definitive of an upcoming medical practitioner. Dr.  was among these few for his
innate child-like intellectual curiosity and drive to enhance his medical knowledge and clinical
competencies. I remember him asking some of the most insightful questions in several of my
lectures while topping the class in the regular quizzes and exams I administered.
More importantly, I have noted his excellent communicative skills that enabled him to
make detailed and comprehensive class presentations of assigned class projects involving
several team members. I have also noted his popularity among his students, exhibiting a
rapport-building ability that facilitated collaborative engagements in several research projects.
This is one quality I consider his asset as a doctor who can win the trust and cooperation of his
patients in executing even difficult treatment regimens.
In closing, I would like to say that in the semesters I have mentored Dr. , I am
convinced his disciplined learning maturity, above par command of medical concepts, rapport-
building and communicative skills, would enable him to shine in a postgraduate residency
program of his choice. I hope my endorsement would open doors to enable him to bring his
medical career to a higher plane. Thank you for your time and this opportunity to endorse a
promising Internist through your residency program in Internal Medicine.

Letter of Recommendation (3) – Residency in Internal Medicine

To: Program Director / Admissions Committee:
Over the years, I have mentored several gifted medical students and doctors in several
rotations, observerships, and residencies and Dr.  figured as among the few whom I
distinctly remember of his outstanding performance during his brief tenure. It is for this reason
that I write this letter endorsing the candidacy of Dr.  for acceptance in your Internal
Medicine residency program for this year. I have had the privilege of mentoring and supervising
Dr. during his 2-month rotation in the Emergency Department at the _______________
[name of hospital or clinic] between ____________ [start date] and ______________[end date].
Dr. impressed me with his calm and authoritative disposition that enabled him to
conduct standard clinical procedures with compassion, professionalism, and efficiency amidst
the hectic schedules and stressful environment typical of emergency room operations. He was
never rattled with screaming patients and wailing relatives, leveraging on his exceptional
medical knowledge to take medical histories, take vitals, conduct physicals, and perform
differential diagnoses while processing them for admission in the ICU department.
I remember Dr. handing a difficult patient complaining of severe chest pains that
indicated possible myocardial infarction in progress. He was able to stabilize the patient,
winning his confidence and cooperation to follow certain treatment protocols while assuring his
loved ones that the patient was in good hands. His rapport building skills defined him as a
promising internist who can deal with non-surgical diseases afflicting various patients across
diverse ethnicities and persuasions.
Hence, I have every confidence Dr. would excel and be an asset in any
residency program of his choice. I am delighted to learn that he is taking the residency program
with you and I hope my endorsement would carry him through his application and open doors to
enable him to achieve his career objectives. Should you need clarification or additional
information, I would be pleased to obliged through my email address phone indicated the
header. Thank you for your time and consideration of my endorsement.
Respectifully Yours