ERAS Application Package Example

The personal statements are not only about expressing your objectives, best skills and spirit of learning more. The selectors also pay attention to the writing style of each personal statement. From business to dentistry personal statement examples, the applicants never get suggestions to avoid few mistakes. Here are some mistakes that need to be neglected while writing personal statement. Make sure that you never make any of these errors.

Personal Statement 

Given that each and every one of us in life always had a humble beginning. In other words, we all began or lives from a point. As a person my quest and interest in science flourished when I was privileged to be offered admission into the most outstanding medical institutions in Egypt, Middle East and Africa in general and widely recognized as Cairo University Medical School. Being here as an intern really significantly widened and expose my medical knowledge and horizon. As such, after my internship, I was opportune to get a job as a Primary Care Physician. Working in this capacity acquainted me with the process and primary responsibilities of a primary care physician. Part of my job entails coming in contact with a wide range of patients who is inflicted with numerous kind of injuries, diseases or illnesses. I was able to explore treatment procedures that are specifically suitable for each patient in line the peculiar disease he or she is suffering from. In doing this, I diagnosed each of the patients, recommend appropriate treatment, administer treatment and suggest the most possible preventive measures in case of any re-occurrence of the diseases in the future.

Furthermore, as life progressed, based on providence, I was privileged to migrate to the United States and settled down in California. Here, I got a job as a Research Coordinator in clinical trials at Integrated Group Research Incorporated in Riverside, California. Working in this position was a really a delicate one for me because it involves thoroughness and being highly disciplined. It provided a platform for me to advise patients on vital subjects such as drug abuse, alcohol & smoking discontinuance and safe sex. Relating with these patients taught me a lot about medical life and practice. I was so touched and intrigued to offer lasting solutions to them by coming up adequate preventive measures. This aspiration inspired me to pick interest in Internal Medicine. Internal Medicine appeals to me because it will offer the platform of regaining the hopes of patients who have given up on their lives and no longer see the reason to live again.

Basically, I am applying for a residency program in Internal Medicine in your prestigious institution. The need for this residency is to expose me acquire extensive knowledge in Internal Medicine. Hopefully, I intend to network, garner knowledge and share my experience with my colleagues.

Currently, I work as a Chief Operating Officer at Electre Care/Preventive Medicine Clinics, Rancho Cucumonga, California. Remarkably, through this position, I have made a significant feat by helping patients to boost their muscle rehabilitation, blood circulation, etc. Given this exposition, with the experience and knowledge that I have so far garnered, I strongly feel that I am qualified for this to be considered for this residency program.

As an optimistic individual with prospects and plans for myself, pursuing this residency program entails my short term goal and acquiring other relevant certification that will help me to be a preventive medical physician. Within me, I have no doubt whatsoever that I will not exceed expectations only if I am given the opportunity. Indeed, I have excelled greatly in other field of endeavours and this one will not be any exception. As such, I intend to give my possible best.

Letter of Recommendation (1) – Residency in Internal Medicine


Dear Admissions Committee,

I am immensely honoured to write this letter of recommendation on the request of who is seeking a residency in Internal Medicine at your reputable medical institution. I am a director of medicine, intensive care unit. I have been privileged for reasonable sufficient years of experience in my sphere of influence.

being a humble person always allow his works to speak for him instead of telling people about it. He is highly disciplined, focused and determined. Despite the fact that he is currently rotating with me this month, seeing him for the first time in the hospital comfortably relating with patients, you will be thrilled that at his level of knowledge in medicine. He is reasonably proficient in his field of interest.

Furthermore, is a people-person who is loved by everybody. His presence commands aura and influence. Since the inception of his work at the intensive care unit, there has been an outstanding improvement on the health status of the community. No doubt, is a hardworking individual who can conveniently and squarely face any challenge that come his way because he has been prepared already for such eventualities. Truthfully speaking, I must confess here that I and the entire staff of the hospital will miss his services.

Due to the close relationship that I share with him, he intimated me on his intent to pursue a residency program in Internal Medicine. As such, I am utilizing this platform to highly recommend him to you given the reason that he has been reasonably exposed in this given field.

Letter of Recommendation (2) – Residency in Internal Medicine


Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing this recommendation letter on the request of XX. I am an attending physician and have had the privilege of knowing him for an appreciable period of time having worked for a significant number of years as a colleague.

Working with Salem has been one of the most memorable experiences which I have always cherished becausehe’s an exceptionally unique and outstanding colleague. Basically, he is the one of the colleagues that came closest to me among all others that I have worked with. He has this innate desire and interest to see that he always gave out the best to patients no matter how tired he appears to be. His approach to manage responsibilities assigned to him is second to none as he is highly professional, knowledgeable and well respected given his doggedness and personality

Salem is an extraordinary individual in the sense he has on several occasions provided remarkable solutions to highly complex medical concepts. He can conveniently handle an emergency situation with little or no preparation and still deliver quality health care with or without supervision. As a matter of fact, due to his prowess, he has at one time comfortably taken care of a patient who was rushed in with a delicate problem to the admiration of other medical staff and satisfaction of the hospital’s authorities.

Conclusively, I totally support and agree with his desire to pursue a residency in Internal Medicine in your prominent institution. Having known him his capabilities for years, I can confidently say that he wouldn’t disappoint.

Letter of Recommendation (3) – Residency in Internal Medicine


Dear Admissions Committee,

It is a wonderful pleasure to recommend XXin respect of his residency application in Internal Medicine in your prestigious institution. I am a program director working Preliminary Surgery department and have known XX a reasonable periodof time. When he was with me, he shadowed the medical staff of the clinic, taking active part in physical examination, writing prescriptions, administering treatments, diagnosis, etc.

X is well versed in internal medical science that it wasn’t surprising as he performs beyond expectation. Normally, that was what was expected of him being a focused, discipline and determined student who being the best is his ultimate goal. A remarkable thing that I love about him is that he has enthusiasm to share knowledge unlike others. X doesn’t miss any given opportunity to share from his wealth of knowledge what he knows about a given subject or area of concern. To say the least, he is a people-person loved and cherished by all, including students and lecturers.

It is his wish and interest to pursue a residency program in Internal Medicinein your prestigious institution. The essence of thisis for him to gain background knowledge and exposure in general surgery training to enable pursue a career in Preventive Medicine which is where his passion lies. Therefore I highly recommend her to you with the full knowledge and trust that she will excel and perform as expected. Please I am reachable in case you need any other information.