A Brief Introduction to the AAMC Personal Statement

aamc personal statement

Getting into residency programs won’t be that easy because you will need to look for a residency opening first before preparing the requirements. The good news is that you can expedite the application for these vacancies through the use of AAMC where you only need to complete one application which is then sent to several medical institutions that are offering the same residency programs that you are interested in. The problem with using AAMC is that it will be harder for you to make a good impression to your readers because of how generic your application will look to them. Fortunately, there is a way for you to shine and that is through your AAMC or ERAS personal statement where you have the freedom to highlight your best skills that will help you stand out from the crowd.

What You Need to Know About AAMC Personal Statement

No residency application will be complete without a personal statement which is why you need to start writing one as early as possible so you will have plenty of time to review and revise its content to suit multiple schools. The number of characters that you can use when writing your personal essay is 5,000 at least which means it will be about a page or two only.  This depends on the essay requirements suggested by the schools but it’s important that you keep your residency application personal statement short and straight to the point. The limit is put in place because the system won’t be able to accept anything more. By knowing what the word limit is, it will be easier for you to create a draft of your paper. You need to determine if the spaces in between words will be included in the character count or not. Another problem about writing a personal statement is that there won’t be any prompt given which means that you are given free rein on what to include in your personal essay. The question now is what information you will be using in your personal statement.

Questions to Consider in Your Personal Statement AAMC

Although you are given freedom to write about anything when it comes to your personal statement, you need to address four key points and these are:

  • Reasons for pursuing a medical career. You can use different approaches to sharing this information but if the scope of your answer is not, in any way related to patient care, you should consider a different program. Your personal statement should be patient oriented as this is what the medical field is all about. Take note on how you start your personal statement. Most use anecdotes but this is already an old formula that won’t leave any impression to your readers especially when it is about when you were a child. Think of a more recent experience, particularly when you’re an adult that has pushed you to take a residency.
  • Qualifications. Aside from your academic background and record, you also need to keep in mind that medical schools will be looking for something more. This means that you also need to show characteristics that you have developed during your stint in the medical school that you think are needed in the medical field. You can talk about patient care, compassion, and patience which you can explain through anecdotes.
  • Contributions. Most parts of the AAMC application are already standardized which means that it is in your personal statement that you get to talk about facts about you that are beyond the usual grades, test scores, and the like. Think about what contributions you can share with the rest of the residents as well as what you can contribute to the medical field as well.
  • Additional details. Think about your application and determine if there are any areas that you need to elaborate on such as low test scores. There is nothing wrong with low grades because college life won’t be easy. You just need to give an explanation on what caused this low grade of yours.

Build the Best Statement

Applying for a residency through AAMC won’t leave you enough room to stand out not unless you put a lot of effort into writing your personal statement. When creating an outline of your essay, make sure that you focus on the positives because this is how you will distinguish yourself among the crowd. Make sure that you go over your personal statement to ensure that you have written all relevant details about your achievements and skills to give your readers an idea on how valuable you are as a resident.

Start building the best AAMC personal statement so you will stand out!